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Learn more about our residential property inspection process

While all inspections follow the same particular course of action, there are slight differences when it comes to the specific residence being inspected.

Standard Residential Property Inspection Process:

As is the case with every home, we start on the exterior and work our way in. From the grounds to the roof and siding, any accessible part of the home will be looked at thoroughly. From there we take our time to thoroughly evaluate the A/C, electrical, plumbing, and other facets pertaining to the overall quality of the home. While there are too many points-of-inspection to list, we assure you that it's not only the major components to a residence that are of interest. Every creak and crevice available for us to inspect will be inspected. This includes crawl-spaces. Our thoroughness and attention to detail is how we give you everything you need to know before deciding on your new home.


Most condominiums have several major residential utilities covered. Typically, but not always, including the exteriors, roof and sometimes the A/C among other components. We determine what your potential new condo has covered by the appropriate association and inspect accordingly. This however does not mean we bypass taking a look at certain things. If the association takes care of the A/C or other accessible areas of inspection, we will still request to look at it, just for your peace of mind.

Manufactured/Mobile Homes:

Common in Florida, a manufactured (or mobile) home follows the same parameters as that of a typical inspection of a standard structured residence. The difference pertains to the durability of the home which is often attributed to the support system found underneath the manufactured home as well as its exterior condition. Inspecting the crawl space underneath a mobile home is imperative to know the situation you are potentially getting yourself into. We have heard the horror stories of certain home inspection services refusing to get under a mobile home for a variety of reasons. We stress to our clients that as long as we have the ability to get under the home, we will do so.

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